Why go regular with your wedding dress?

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Here’s the latest bride book that will help you go for the best wedding shopping this season. Are you in a fix deciding for your wedding dress? We will help you buy the best wedding gown which is not regular. The out of the box wedding dress has been a significant trend for all the brides lately. The bridal gown designers are embracing newer designs thanks to the celebrities pulling the styles so damn well!

The variety in colors for the wedding dress is a broad spectrum just like the rainbow. The most popular amongst these are traditional white, ivory, blush pink, champagne, gold and silver. Some designers are even seen to be experimenting with rather bold choice of colors such as the blue and black. Irrespective of the tradition or culture you belong to these styles are worth your thought on your wedding spree. After all, a great event is only possible with a flexible mind and openness to newer ideas.

Let’s take you through some of the advents of bridal attire that celebrates you as a bride,

  1. Blush and Bride, go hand in hand: All shades of pink and pastel are the first choice by designers nowadays. You can pair the look with a fresh makeup look;
  2. Are Metallics your main? You can add a dash of ivory or any metallic color and slay it like no other bride before. The only thing such a bridal gown asks for is to go minimalistic with jewelry and make up;
  3. Black-Blue, will you? Will you dare to go black or blue as your wedding dress for the season? A lot of brides who have a bold demeanor and a bright and bold wedding dress will suit your personality and hence you shall feel confidence. Nothing makes a bride look prettier than confidence;
  4. Paint it Pastel: A lightly hued pastel shade of blue, pink or yellow is the best choice for the wedding dress of the brides. It goes well with your dazzling event and vibrant makeup.

Besides, these gorgeous dresses, a dazzling event that lets you stay hassle free will only add to your d day experience. When it’s your big day, you just can’t settle with anything other than the best. Visit Events by Keisha to turn your dream event into reality.


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