5 Games That Your Guest Will Love at Your Wedding

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Ultimately your wedding day is a grand event of your life. In addition to delicious food, flowing drinks and mesmerizing decoration, there’s always a need for an exciting element on your big day. It’s time to bring a fun wheel on your wedding to spruce up your occasion.  Wedding games are not included in the norms, but they are certainly becoming popular.Big or small, every wedding should be designated as the best happening tale ever. We at Events by Keisha will make your wedding, an event of your lifetime that you’ll cherish forever.Rolling up the curtains, we bring you the 5 exciting wedding game ideas that’ll make your wedding the best day of your life:

#1 The Shoe Game

As hilarious as the name sounds, this game is a favorite of many. Making it to the top of our list is its popularity over social media.  This game testifies the bride and the groom, that’ll mirror how well they know each other while facing the audience and their back opposite to each other.

Both bride and the groom will remove one shoe and exchange it with one another. The bride will now have one of her own shoe and one of her partner’s and vice-a-versa for the groom.A couple has to answer series of questions and the answer will either be “the bride” or “the Groom”. The couple has to answers by holding up the shoe.For instance, if the question is “Who’s the faster driver?” and the answer is the bride, they should both hold up the bride’s shoe.

#2 The Fun Wheel

This game is designed and dedicated to bring majority of interaction among your guest.

Create a wheel of activities that can be spun throughout the wedding. You can make custom fun-filled activities, as per your choice. Creative options can include activities like: “Show Us Your Best Dance Move.”

#3 Dare or Dare

A no shy zone created for all the introverted guests. Write fun dares on the back of the name card of the guests. The table that completes most dares wins! Make sure they are at the comfort level of your guests. An example for such fun dares can be: “Take a selfie with the cutest guy on your table.”

#4The coloring Stop

The perfect attraction for kids, as every child loves colors. This game will keep them occupied for hours and let them have a playful time. Adorn kids table with butcher paper and crayons just for them. Let’s make your wedding occasion a splendid party for them too!

#5 Bring the Food to me!

No this is not a game for the foodies…we assure you it’s a Wedding Game. How? For starters, this game is designed for ateam work. Turn by turn, the bride and groom will be blindfolded and one has to guide other to bring a beverage. The intriguing part is ‘being blindfolded’, you have to follow series of instruction in the midst of all hustle & bustle.

We know you can’t wait to try these out for your wedding! There are more new exciting ways to turn your wedding into a memorable and extraordinary day for all the guests. Make us a part of it at https://eventsbykeisha.co.ukand Game On!

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