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January 14, 2019
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A new year has arrived with a whole lot of excitement that waits for the brides-to-be and ready-to-be grooms. For statement bridal wear or creative ideas on making your wedding a glamorous one, the year will unleash new wedding trends! Are you confused about what theme to pick for your wedding 2019? Well, this blog is going to be far from assumptions as we take you through the insights of expert event planners. By the end of this blog you shall know the modern, on-the-trend and budget friendly ideas, designed and curated by top wedding planners.

The Top Wedding Trends for the year 2019:

  1. It all begins with a good plan. You need to be sure of reserving the best moments on yourselves and not be too engaged in the hustle and bustle of organizing the event and making the arrangements. It is your day and you want to cherish every minute of it! Here is where a good event planning company comes to your rescue. Events by Keisha, has been enveloping your wedding moments with perfection. UK based event planning company has been the first choice for many. To take a look at some of our recent works, log in to our website: .
  2. The hottest trend for the year has been about new colors and combinations. Idea is to play with softer and simpler shades of colors if you are ready to embrace a royal wedding affair and bolder colors if you want full fledged lighting setup. The colors need to be warm but light so that they don’t hide the rest of the décor but only enhances the esthetic appeal. The need for good lighting at the venue is no mystery. These lights work best when combined with soft pastel shades. Alternatively, for a younger and fresher looking theme try a pop of colors which will add a character of youthfulness to your party. The lighting set up needs to be more subtle and minimalistic;
  3. Enjoy custom creations for your food menu as weddings are seen to be shedding traditional ideas of buffet. The newer customization options for your food menu include tea bars, guacamole bars and popcorn bars. A shift towards such casual spaces indicates that the weddings have become a place of informal get together, with no more formal setups;
  4. For decoration ideas, 2019 is going to be all about velvet linens. Not only does the sheen in the fabric adds a touch of luxury but also creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for the guests. The velvet linen can be used for multiple purposes whether for table runners, wedding table décor, wedding table cloth ad many more;

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