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Wedding planner in Bromley, Kent
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Are you looking for ideas for your reception? May be a theme based party or a minimalistic approach that raises the bar of elegance at your party. Planning for your wedding is as exciting as unfolding the new chapter in life altogether. However, you need to keep this in mind that being overly stressful on the planning procedures will take away all your excitement. To combat this, you need to find the perfect event management company that will take care of your needs.

Events by Keisha, a leading event management company keeps a close check on the contemporary fashion and trends in the event industry. Also, the company provides an exclusive service for reception ideas with unique décor, design and themes. To browse through some of these ideas, visit their website  . They also cater to your customized requirements with their bespoke and tailor made services. As the expert’s speak, let’s present to you some tips for organizing a reception of your dreams,

  1. Venue is by far one of the key elements at planning your reception. It is sometimes difficult to decide which venue to go for. Your reception is the final seal of finesse to your wedding ceremony. There are three distinct categories that will help you the most in deciding for the venue: Color-scheme, Capacity and Setting. The color scheme that you decide for must cordially suit the set up of the venue; give the capacity of the hall a thought (your guests should not feel claustrophobic!); finally look for the setting of the venue and the time of the season while deciding for it;
  2. Pay primary concentration upon the eateries and beverages. A happy guest is the one who relishes on the food and is impressed by its presentation. Good food on a good display served with the finest drinks is the key to their heart;
  3. Look for quirky and out of the box wedding table and celebration design ideas. Add a touch of personalization by paying a great detail in decorating the table; you can compose a message for each guest or leave a touch elegance lingering with minimal but powerful table decoration.
  4. Flowers, light and colors never go out of fashion. Choose the perfect decoration by balancing the right amount of lights, flowers and shades that goes well with your theme. It is not important to have flamboyant decoration to make your reception memorable.

Explore from a range of such big and small décor services at Events by Keisha, and let your reception step out from the fairytales. Visit their websites to look for more customizable event management service,


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